Our Story

About Us

It is our pleasure to introduce our company through this Website, and through this website we summarize our past experience, affiliations, current projects, future goals and practical capabilities. Richway works with leading companies in the Saudi and global market, advertising companies and celebrities on the communication site. Private delivery companies in the company and major delivery companies that earned us the sharing of experiences, development, progress and growth. Richway Company, which was established in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, operates as a leading company in the field of clothing, accessories, electronics, cosmetics and games. Despite the difficult times we faced in our career, we believe that we have successfully reached a stage of self-confidence, respect and dignity. Our pride is based on highly qualified employees, solid financial levels, the trust given to us by customers, all people and our beloved country, and above all, a high team spirit looking to achieve the same goals and dreams in our company, whether the partners are managers, engineers, financial and administrative staff or Technicians and workers, we are all working to build a strong, peaceful and prosperous future.

Our Mission

We always strive to satisfy customers by providing high quality products at competitive prices in the field of perfumes, beauty, skin care, modern shoes, toys for all age groups, electronics and their accessories.

Our Vision

We strive for sustainable growth to be the most trusted company at global levels in all operations and the most credible and honest in our customer relationship.

Our Values

It is built on integrity, credibility and development through tracking and searching for obstacles that may face the customer and working in removing and improving them to ensure the best customer experience and sustainable success and continuity.